HUD Homes-Half Off!

HUD Homes Half Off" by Larry Goins
Larry Goins is a consultant out of North Carolina. He buys homes off of HUD and flips them for a profit. This book is a how to guide for doing what he does. Here are some highlights:

* HUD homes are available at
* HUD organizes their listings in a way that gives you all the information needed to make an offer.
* When you make an offer you will have an answer the next day. If rejected, you can submit a new offer.
* You might need to make 100 offers to get a good deal, but you can get steep discounts on properties (50% or more).
* There is less competition with HUD Homes.

Larry Goins buys these houses dirt cheap and then resells the either to investors or to consumers with seller financing. In the case of seller financing he charges 3-6 times the price he paid for the house. For wholesale properties he puts a premium on the property around $10,000. He sells those properties at

* HUD delivers clear titles at closing.
* Larry Wholesales properties. To go on his list go to with access code HUD1 to get on his VIP buyer list.
* HUD multifamily homes are available on HUD.GOV by requesting a free bid kit.
* When bidding on a home your maximum bid should be 70% ARV minus repair costs.
* If your bid is accepted, they will require a $500 or $1000 deposit.

Larry recommends the following websites:
For Comps: and
For Crime Reports:
For Rents: and
For Contractors:,, and
For Appraisals:
For Home Inspections:
For Real Estate Investment Meetings:
For Hard Money Lenders:

Summary by Casey Ryan Richards


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