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Insider's guide to Private Lending

Subject: The Insider's Guide to Private Lending The Insider's Guide to Private Lending: How to Earn Safe and Consistent Returns in Any Real Estate Market. by Jeff Levin Jeff, a former mortgage banker, decided to get involved in private lending when the crash came in 2008. He saw a unique opportunity to lend to qualified investors at a time when they couldn't get money from other sources. In the decade since he has perfected his system for private lending which is presented in this book. This book is designed for anyone looking to start their own private lending firm.  He starts by discussing the "five good reasons why" private lending would make a great addition to your portfolio. They are: 1. Returns - because private lenders can act more quickly than traditional banks, they can charge more. This can be up to double or triple what a bank would earn.  2. Convenience - there are lots of ways to invest in real estate, but many a