Procedures for Presidential Elections by Abdul Zafar

The Upcoming Presidential Election: The Procedure To Elect The President Of The US The Upcoming Presidential Election: The Procedure To Elect The President Of The US By Abdul Waheed Zafar The upcoming United States presidential election is set for 3rd November 2020. This year will mark the 59th quadrennial presidential election. People of the United States will vote for their desired presidential electors on Election Day. On December 14, 2020, these electors will vote for a new President and Vice President. Alternatively, they can re-elect the holder of the office Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Also, the caucuses and presidential primary elections are going to be organised between February and August 2020. Actually, this indirect election involves a nominating process that allows voters to cast ballots in order to select delegates to the nominating convention of a political party. These delegates select the nominees from their parties for the positions of President and Vice Pres

What will Skiing be like this year?

Status is online Casey Ryan Richards Marketing 9 articles It is once again that time of year. All across the nation, the ski resorts are starting to gear up for the opening day. This means lots of cutting of the grass, fine-tuning of ski lifts, and hours of training for resort employees. By all means, it looks like another normal year, except of course there is nothing normal about 2020. This year's ski season will be marked by limited operations, mandatory masks, and a vastly different experience than skiers are used too. Vail Resorts (owner of many mountains around the world) has already set out the rules for operations and they aren't pretty. The first change is that all guests to the mountain will be required to wear face coverings. When outside skiing in cold weather, that is pretty normal. The problem comes when you leave the slopes. No longer will you be able to take off that constricting mask and breath normal. Instead, you will be required to keep your face covered at

Charles J Mosely Jr on Real Estate

Some People Consider Real Estate Investing Similar to Buying a Boat When you get right down to it, buying a non-performing mortgage is like buying a boat; the two happiest days are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it! Investing in a non-performing mortgage note (NPN-NPL), and cashing out for a profit, are my two happiest days as a note investor. A non-performing note is basically a mortgage where the borrower has stopped paying which means you can buy it at a discount. You have heard the old saying in real estate, the profit is made when you buy. How true that is, especially in the note world! We have found that you have to take into account all the costs you will run into from the day you buy it, until the day you sell it, and use that to make sure you are not overpaying. If not, you can lose money; sometimes a lot, sometimes all of it. While there are some warm and fuzzy feelings experienced when you own the boat, like taking it out on the water for the first time, you are go
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Ready for Real Estate Investing Business?

You’re passionate about your real estate investing , whether that’s flipping or landlording. And maybe you’ve started to make a little money selling these house or cash flowing from rents. So when should you take your real estate investing to the next level and build a real business? Here are five signs that it’s time to take your real estate investing up a notch. You’re Super Busy Doing Deals You might have started out just searching the MLS every night for the perfect deal, but now you can’t keep up with all the leads from your ads or other investors. If your real estate investing is taking over your world, it might be time to consider doing it full time. You’re Making More with Your Real Estate Investing Than Your Job This is a fantastic sign that you’re ready for business ownership! If the profits from your “little” real estate investing are more than what you’re bringing home in your paycheck, it might be time to put in your notice at your job and start focusing on

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Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint To Quitting Your Job With Real Estate - Even Without Experience Or Cash by Michael Blank is both a ‘how to’ and a bracing bit of financial self-help.   Michael Blank, according to his bio and the book’s introduction, is an ex programmer, would-be restauranteur and a seasoned investor who’s lived both near catastrophic failure and phenomenal success. He sets out a strong case that for those looking to retire from their jobs and live on passive income from their property, multi-family apartment blocks provide the most time and cost-efficient solution, relative to flipping single-family homes. Blank then both guides and cheerleads the potential novice property investor through his three-stage process: 1. raising the funds for that all-important first deal, without relying on personal savings, 2: How to interact with brokers as a serious buyer and build the right team of advisors or coaches, 3. Rapid analysis of potentia