"Run Your Own Corporation" by Garret Sutton, Esq.

"Run Your Own Corporation" is from the Rich Dad Advisor series. I have always found these books to be useful, detailed, and very specific. Sutton goes over business deductions, government audits, paperwork required to maintain a LLC, personal liability projections, and how to avoid threats to the piercing of the corporate veil.


Like his other books, this one was great, but there was just to much information to retain much. I will probably just end up hiring him to handle the LLCs for my investments since handling them myself seems foolish. I noticed his website (CorporateDirect..com) is now being promoted by Think Realty Magazine. Obviously they are targeting the real estate investor market.


Biggest Takeaway: LLC origin location is critical. The best state is Wyoming (or Nevada) and the worst is California. If you have property in California very specific steps must be taken in order to try to protect that property and a professional should be hired.


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