How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments

"How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments" by Lance Edwards


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This was a great book full of ideas for purchasing multi-family units centering around no money down strategies. He had many interesting ideas to raise fund funds or purchase properties to numerious to note. Here are a few highlights:


Rasing Private Money Formula:


Part I - Finding people predisposed to invest in real estate (seller, IRA, auctions, real estate clubs, etc)


Part II - Give the lender the ability to gain control if you fail to perform.


Part III - Use insurance like Key Man and Business Income Lose to make the investment low risk. You can also use the reputation of a management company to makeup for your lack of experience.


Part IV - Give them a high return through interest rate, equity, or a hybrid of both.


More information on this


He also offered 16 small apartment strategies which are amazing and really got my brain moving. His website is


He also offered mentoring help including a free 12 month plan. His email is


Biggest Takeaway: People are more worried about the return of their money than the return on their money.


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