"Capital Gaines" by Chip Gaines

Each weekend I spend at least 20 hours watching Real Estate shows.. I love watching various styles and trying to find that one new piece of information from the show that could make me a better investor. Over the years I've seen them all and as much as I love my real estate shows, I grow tired of all the fake drama that is inserted into many of the shows such as "Flipping Vegas" or "Zombie House Flipping." I want more real estate and less MTV-style drama.


The search for drama free real estate TV is what made me fall in love with Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines are everything I hope to be as a real estate investor and I draw inspiration not only from their designs, but from how they live their lives. They are such good people I just love watching them succeed.


That is why I grew very concerned when I heard that the show was ending and rumors of divorce were plastered on the evening news. I ordered a copy of Chip's latest book to hear the truth of why they were ending the show and I'm happy to report that the rumors are false. They are leaving the show simply to focus on their Magnolia Companies and it seems they are leaving the door open to coming back.


Overall the book was rather interesting. It looks at Chip's life and his philosophies while telling the story of how he grew his company to the successful 500 employee giant that it is today.


He tells lots of interesting stories and one of them stuck with me. In the story he talks about two young teens that worked for him in the shop that he trusted early on. One day he was out mowing the grass and asked them to do some work in the shop. When he returned to the shop the boys were gone and the cash register was empty. Chip seemed very disappointed (but not angry) about this. He never saw the boys again.


Thinking about this it makes me wonder about the choices we make. Those boys might have come up a few hundred dollars for the day, but they probably the biggest opportunity that would ever come across their plates. Had they instead worked hard and stayed with Chip and Joanna, they might be running Magnolia Market today. I doubt their ill-gotten gains got them very far and I have to wonder if it was worth it? Do you think they read the book and felt embarrassed? I'm curious about where they are today.


Biggest Takeaway: "If you want to be a winner, then you have to prove yourself though all of the ups and downs over years and years of playing the game. One match does not define a legacy" - Chip Gaines


or if you prefer:


"When something seems insurmountable to most, we shrug, because we eat 'insurmountable' for breakfast" - Chip Gaines


Casey Richards

Rutland, Vermont


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